Monday, 16 March 2015

Low ropes

I remember
Rocking forward and back for our warm ups,
slowly falling forward until I pushed back.

I remember
Sitting uncomfortably on the splitting log
as I scanned the course thinking
"That looks easy "

I remember
The tutor telling us "You’re not going to have gears on because you will have to trust the people  who will keep an eye on you when you get on the rope".

We set off to our first course

I remember
Wobbling across the pirate cross, unbalanced as I struggled to the end.

I remember
The tutor shouting out "Go to your next course!"

I remember
Rushing to the next course as my friend Maddy jumped onto the rope, Soraya and I staring at every move she does.

I remember
watching her reach to next rope, to the next.
Doing it different ways, walking backwards and sideways .

I remember
Swinging to the next floating wheel

I remember,
Going to the last course,
getting confused, wondering "I thought we have done all the courses?"

Out of nowhere
as we turned a corner
another course appeared.

This time it was a bit different.
I remember
that instead of 3 people, we had to do it with 10 people.
Working hard as a team .
I was gliding on a rope trying to get in the tyre .
One by one, people were swooping over my head.

A little clap from the tutor and parent
made me sure that we had done an excellent job.

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