Thursday, 30 April 2015

Autumn poem

Multi-coloured rain jackets

protect you

from the giant's teardrops in the clouds .

The wetness

in your shoe climbs

into your sock .

Orange flags

blow gently

against the wind.

The raindrops fall high from the sky

and land on a branch to

wait for the sun.

A row of

muddy shoes huddle

next to the door.

The bench is all soggy -

as the rain pours down

the bench gets wetter and wetter.

The clouds vanish

and the sun comes out

then a little daisy blooms into a beautiful flower.

Autumn poem 


  1. Mana I like how you said "multi-coloured raincoats protect you" , "the bench is all soggy" and "the wetness in your shoe climbs into your sock". The poem reminded me of days when you walk down the road whe pn its raining you step in a puddle and your socks get wet.


  2. Your poem Mana, is just amazing and the language jaw dropping. I love it where it says "the orange flag blows gently against the wind", "the clouds vanish and the sun comes out" it reminds me of that time when in Autumn it was rainy day and then it stopped and turned out to be a beautiful day. I can't wait to read some more fabulous writing.