Sunday, 10 May 2015

Who's under the bed?

We have been learning about how to write good beginning. Here is one of my good beginnings.

Munch crunch. I bit into my apple,  the bitterness flowing into my mouth. I could hear the clock ticking. It felt like a minute as every second passed. There was a noise coming from the driveway. I whizzed down the hallway and saw a  glimpse of my brother's game.  That gave me a great idea.

"Ding dong," the doorbell rang. I opened the door. There my friend had a upside down frown, I had one too. We shot straight down the the hallway though the kitchen and leaped into my backyard. We sprinted to the trampoline and we hopped  on. We were flying up and down acting like birds twirling around in the air. Spending 30 minutes jumping without stopping made us exhausted.

We hopped off the trampoline when I remembered something we could do. I remembered my great idea! I guided my friend into the room I shared with my brother and checked right and left.

We tiptoed into the room. I peeked out of the room and checked down the hallway. I could smell a delicious smell drifting down from the kitchen, telling me it was nearly 6 o'clock when my friend was to go home. I flew to my brother's game. I grabbed it. I felt naughtiness go down my spine . I slid down under my brother's bed. I could feel the roughness of the carpet on my arm . My friend followed behind me. I entered the game and switched the volume to off so no one would notice us. A few minutes passed and our eyes were glued onto the screen.


  1. I really like how you said munch crunch and I whizzed down the hallway.

  2. I loved this story I read it over and over again it's stuck in my head like glue when I read story's I like to imagine the surroundings of the place I couldn't get the picture out of my mind of you and your friend with your frowns and you going under the bed how this title connected to the story I hope everyone has a nice experience of being cheeky like you and your friend your story was very amusing