Monday, 20 July 2015

Maori reflection

During these two terms we have been learning about Maori ritual and trying to improve it in this school. At the start of the year I had no confidence in Maori ritual and did not enjoy it as much as the other classmates did. Now I feel confident and could explain and teach most of the Maori rituals we’ve learned.  I enjoy Maori culture a lot more than I did from the start of the year. I think the thing that changed the way I thought was the trip to Willowbank. I learnt my mihi and was proud to share it with my parents but not proud enough to share it on stage.

As a class we made Monday morning meet up even better with Maori culture in it. For years we have been shouting "welcome to Waimairi" at Monday morning meet ups . Our class thought how can we improve this? Maybe we can sing a song in Maori to welcome the new students. The next Monday morning meet up we went early and started singing as everyone gathered.  The new students came up and we gave them flax flowers and a little message.

I think this is important to me because if I went to a powhiri or was in a poroporoaki I will know and be confident. I think everyone that lives in New Zealand should now a bit of Maori. Here is an audio link to our performances and about our learning.

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  1. It is great that you learned Maori culture, retual, and songs, Mana! I liked how you told in your reflection what you learned from your experiences. Yuki