Monday, 10 August 2015

My science reflection

This term in science we learned about waterways and what's affecting them. One of the quality of a scientist that I used was evidence. I found evidence of how clean the waterway was by looking at invertebrates in the waterway and how many insects there were. We used the insect survey to count how many invertebrates there were.

I was curious about what would happen if we take away a creature for an example the freshwater crayfish from the ecosystem. I was amazed how the creatures in the ecosystem all relay in each other to survive and that we have to take great care of creatures and the waterway. So that the creatures wouldn't become extinct.I looked closely at the detail on the creatures to find out what they were. We used a magnifying glass to find the little creatures in the White container.

This term we used draft, feedback, sketches and the strugglometer to improve on the things that we had done.

We did scientific drawings and started with the drafts. For my drawing I decided to draw a butterfly. I looked at the detail carefully looking at the photo on my second draft. But I could only do half of it. I sought feedback to make my second one better. Once I was on my third one I looked on the detail of the wing and how big the wings were.

This is my art.

These are my drafts.

I also did the used drafts and feedbacks for my project on Dudley Creek using drafts and feedbacks. My first draft I was just getting what will be good for the waterway. The second draft I thought where I can plant it. My last draft I looked at were to write the names of the plant. Then I started on the final paper. I added all the thing that did on my last draft and made colour and detail into it.

This is my draft and my finished project.

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