Monday, 21 September 2015

Art reflection

This term we have been practicing to perform on in the middle of the city. I enjoyed performing in the city and my family were there to watch.

I think our act went well because I could tell the audience had experienced something they will treasure. My highlight was probably the plays that we had been practicing because my play group worked hard to do it. But it was really fun working with different classes that I haven't worked with before for the flash mob. Normally you don't see flash mobs everyday so I thought the families enjoyed this because I had never heard of it and I liked doing it.

I connected with the audience by looking at them and facing my body to them. Some people talked to the audience and we all made them feel impressed. We made our families proud and made our school proud too. We showed that He Tangata is one big happy family and love being at Waimairi school.

I used kotahitanga by working all together and helping each other learn the moves for the flash mob. At the end of the plays we used whānaungatanga by dancing to the music and getting our families to join in so they can connect back to this day.

In the play I was in we worked hard and help out if someone needed it . We had fun and had times that we needed to get moving and work harder. I worked with new people and had a great time performing with them. I think our audience loved it and they showed different emotions for different plays. They clapped, laughed and enjoyed our performance.

I think people can look back at these moments and remember our acts. I think families can talk about how much fun they had and the people who were involved with it can treasure the moment they had at Waimairi school. This is important because they can connect back to this day and remember their primary years.

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