Monday, 21 September 2015

Getting my own dog

Is your dog your best friend? Or maybe you have a cat , a rabbit

or a guinea pig that you love and cherish . Maybe you take them for walk or dress

them up with pretty clothes. Maybe they are really good listeners when you

feeling down. I love my dog. But I wasn't prepared for what happened one day.

I always wanted a pet from the day I knew what a dog was. In my imagination my

pet would be full of energy as well as playful and gives you all the company you

will want. My dream dog was a beautiful golden retriever with long silky hair

that felt like cuddling your favourite soft toy.

I didn't have a dog because they caused a lot of work and we were thinking about

getting a piano. The day we went to see the piano, we were welcomed in a

welcoming way. The first thing I saw when I walked in was dog with gold curly

fur.  That dog didn't just catch my eye, it caught Dad's too. He was talking non

stop, chattering about how the dog's eyes sparkled in the light. Even I was getting

bored and I love dogs, so I thought there might be a chance of me getting one.

A couple of days after, I went with my dad to see adorable little Airedale terrier

puppies. We couldn't resist the cuteness it was almost impossible to not to buy


Our puppy was growing each day. He was powerful and strong but frightened of

loud noises that make him jump. This was bad because he would run off in fright

as fast as he could, and nothing could stop him. This has happened a couple of

times but the worst time was a few months ago.

My dad and I were preparing to go for a walk with the dog.   As we step outside a

cool breeze brushed passed, the sound of speeding cars passing my house. I

started to skip into the sunlight when my dad remembered he had forgotten his

camera. I wasn't allowed to hold him because he was too powerful for me to hold.

He hooked the leash onto an umbrella and tightened it so it wouldn’t come loose.

He put the umbrella into the white table next to the door .  

As dad went inside, my dog struggled to get to him. The table creaked. He stopped

struggling, and he was silent for a second .   I knew what was coming next.   He

pulled his hardest to get away from the table.  I stayed still, my head was jumping

, my heart was swimming all around , all I could do was scream.   My dad came

flying out of the house but it was too late, my dog was halfway away to the busy

road.   Was this the day I lost someone I love?  He was going to die and I could do

nothing to save him.  

My heart sank.  A tear slipped out, then another.   I ran up to the end of the our

property , to see my dog on the pathway heading to Waimairi school. Then he

turned direction heading to the road with umbrella chasing behind. A car was

coming , it zipped past me and heading towards to him.   My eyes were staring at

him, his worried face flashed into me. I couldn't watch. I closed my eyes and

waited for the bang.  A few seconds later my eyes flickered open , expecting my

dog lying on the road.  

My dog had crossed road in one piece. But that didn't mean he was fine, he was

heading back to my house.  A car was getting closer by the second . Only the

difference was that I knew that he could miss the car.   The determination to

came back to the house showed in his face.  His front paw touched the end of the

road as the car sped passed.  It was a miracle. I rushed to him with delight and

hugged him tight so he couldn't go anywhere.   He was puffing with exertion , his

heart was pumping about three times as more.   My dad took the leash and the


That is when I realised that the most important thing to do in life is to appreciate

the time you have with your loved ones because they may not be there for your

whole life.

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