Monday, 19 October 2015

A little monkey

There we were, my brother and I, shouting over something that wasn't worth it.

"Oh, you didn't want him so I took him!" Tora (my brother) yelled doing his most annoyed face.
"No I didn't, so give him back." I snatched the monkey out of his hand.
"You’re so stupid, you don't even remember anything." He snatched him (MY monkey) back.
"Oh just get along with it," my mother snapped. "Give your brother the monkey, you have tons of other soft toys." That was a true fact that made me feel annoyed.
"You should listen to your mother," he said sarcastically.
I pulled a face at him, but he just simply ignored it and stormed off away to his room. 

Later that day I went searching for the monkey when he had gone to school. He was nowhere in sight. I thought he had hidden him. Now days I don't even know where that little monkey has gone. I think my brother has secretly hid him so I can't find him, but I think he forgot himself. I guess the little monkey probably once liked my brother and I fighting over who gets him. But I would feel lonely if I was the monkey now, sitting every day and hour waiting for someone to find me. We will probably have another toy to  fight other soon.


  1. That happened to some of my favourite soft toys as well. No wonder tough, one was a big as my thumb! I liked it when you said you felt annoyed because your Mum made you give your brother the monkey. Sometimes I feel the same with my Dad or Mum!
    Really nice story, keep writing cool things!

  2. Wow!
    Where do we start this is such a high quality
    story Mana. We really miss you Mana and we love
    the big smile on your face.
    Now to the writing. We can connect with you because we
    both have fights with our brothers and sisters.
    We adore the title of this story ��.
    We wish you good luck for the rest of your stories.
    From Soraya and Beth. ����������