Monday, 12 October 2015

The gardens.

Lying on the grass, all I can hear is the gentle sound of the blades rubbing against each other. I could taste the dry feeling in my mouth, as the bright, golden glow warms me like my favourite blanket. I think back to the time I set foot on this magnificent site, as I had slowly walked around through the nature. As I stay still, I glanced around to see what has enveloped me. I could see the reflected ocean with white light dancing across the water. The fresh, cool grass waved like little people doing a Mexican wave.

I sat up, seeing more of the beauty that surrounded me. Colourful, bright, flowers popped out at me, making my own wonderful little world appear. Daffodils opened their mouths as wide as they could, calling for someone to listen. They spoke over each other but sadly nobody could hear them, only shouts and screams. I bent down to take one big sniff and sweet smells drift up my nose, making my nose sniffle. I imagined this could have once been just an ordinary meadow. But look how it stands in front of me, it has transported me.

Excitement tickled me and the next minute I found myself standing up. The leaves swished above my head. I looked up. Big trees towered over me. I wondered to myself; how is it possible that a small little seed can turn into a massive tree. 

I could hear the children's laughter fade away. I was alone again, no children's laughter, just me and my own special world. I skipped away, my thoughts racing about my perfect place where no one else could disturb me.


  1. Mana I love this piece of writing I feel you are expressing your feeling in words in this description, I think This is one of your best pieces ever. In this description you made ,e feel so peaceful, relaxed, Creative and inspired. I love the bit when you say little people doing I Mexican wave it reminds me of when we were at the music festival moving our hands around to the song Mexican wave. Bet every child has experienced living in piece like in the story.

  2. Amazing mana!i like how you said"I glanced around to see what has envoloped me." I like how you used the word envoloped, it is a really good describing word.
    Keep up the great writing