Thursday, 3 December 2015

The new type of people

The cold leather chair cools me from the hotness of the sun outside. Mum and my brother squeeze next to me. It makes the warmth from their legs come grazing against me. Dad is in front chatting to the taxi driver. Lucky him, he had a lot of space unlike me. Mum told me that cute little animals (they weren't little at all) will be walking around normally, but I didn't believe that. At least I thought there will be a fence around them. I thought it be too unusual, in the middle of a shrine, to have animals walking around.  It will be fascinating to see animals walking around but not big grizzly ones. 

As I look out people sharing good memories, taking photos and making the most of the great time they can spend just for today, I felt a bit of impatience, but a big chunk of  excitement, spinning inside of me. A question popped into my head. A question that I was always thinking of, but never knew what it was. Why are there deer walking around the place normally? As it spins around my head I tried to think  of a possible explanation. Was it because the deer were already living there and then people came? I gave up. I had run out of thoughts. The only thing I can do now is ask someone. 

The taxi driver ended up explaining to all of us. I found out that deer were strolling around the shrine because the first God came on a white deer to the shrine. 
The taxi pulled to a halt. I felt the moment freeze just for a second. In just that second I saw a flock of birds glide across the light blue sky. The ice cold seat had become a hot warm golden blanket like the one we have at home, taking me home to my own little garden on my soft, cuddly blanket. 

I step out into the blazing sun. I saw different white animals floating in the blue sky. My feet feel like they can’t breathe because of the warmth that was swirling around in my shoe. 

The hard concrete path lead to the shrine. I imagined that it would be boiling hot on the concrete. My legs leaded me up the path. I hope there are drinks that we can buy. My eyes scan around  the place until they suddenly stop. Something interests me. I take one more step, taking a closer look. Then I realized it. Light brown creatures, with a hit of white spots, were strolling around causally like they were the new type of people. I wonder when they are going to learn how to walk on two feet.

I take a piece of deer biscuit and slowly reach over to the deer. The deer were carefully smelling, but the eyes were set on me. Unlike me and dogs, who will gobble it all up without thinking of anything, all he thinks of is what it will be like my tummy. Then he takes it quick and fast, and in a flash it has been swallowed. 

I managed to touch one without it running away, or worse. Its fur was rough and short. As I push my hand into the fluffy fur, I wave my hand under the deer, scuffing its face in deer biscuit. 

As I head away that day, little spots of brown walk in the distance as the car speeds across the road. I miss those little spots already.

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  1. Maddie, Sophie M, Meredith14 December 2015 at 13:00

    Amazing, you used great descriptive words so it really painted a picture in our minds. Was this piece of writing in New Zealand or Japan? We can't wait to read more of you're writing. Keep the great work.