Thursday, 14 April 2016

My project term 1

Term 1 Reflection

This term our school topic was art. In He Tangata we have been learning about our mihi and the elements of music. They are beat, rhythm, tone colour, dynamics, pitch and tempo. I learnt that music is not just to enjoy but that you can also use it by connecting with other people. Even if they can't speak your language. 

We made artworks of our mountain and separated sky and the land into warm colours and cool colours. We coloured it in with chalk pastel which rubbed into other colours and it was quite challenging to keep my other hand away from the paper so I don't smug it. We made a river for our waka with our  family in it.

Using the elements of music we made a soundscape that connected to our poem. My poem was connected to ‘Where does my heart belong?’. In my poem my emotion was calm and happy. I used percussion instruments like wood blocks. 

I think I am relational because I used many elements of music and I can explain why I used them.  Overall I learnt that there is not much difference with connecting with talking or by music because you can both connect with someone around the world. I also learnt the elements of music and how to use them to make a soundscape.

This the poem that connects with my soundscape.

Where does my heart belong?

Where the trees dance in the wind,
Blocking the sun out of my eyes,
And Piwakawaka tweets a song. 
It echoes through my ears
As it flies up and up.
I follow it with my eyes
Until it is to high to be seen.

Where my Airedale terrier dog 
Runs around 
With his tongue following behind.
He leaps into the harakeke 
Now nowhere in sight.
He pops his head out
Covered in the seeds.

Where a black and white furry creature
Runs after the black-backed gull. 
As it spreads its wings 
It flies around,
Casting shadows over the golden sand.
It drops something 
From up above
And the furry creature picks it up, 
Running back to
Drop it on the foot of his owner.

Where the pūtangitangi have chats
Leaving trails
As they swim slowly 
Across the Otakaro river.

This is where my heart sleeps.

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