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Sweet garden

Sweet garden

Written by Manna & Heather 

Part one:

I wake up. I was in a tight icy cave. There was a syrupy purple smell that almost engulfed me. I was somewhere. Somewhere I have seen before, strangely. I wasn't home. My senses told me. I told myself to look around but half of me told me to not too. Normally my dog, Alfie, would come barging into my room, licking my face with his wet slimy saliva and smearing it around my face, his round black shiny nose pressing against my face. He was a Labrador with smooth golden brushed fur that reflected in the musky sunlight when we would take him for long walks at lilly bridge park he would gallop and dance sweetly like he was a horse. If I was getting out of bed, he would come barging into my small room even more sophisticatedly, starting a big fight that made me very cranky. I wanted Alfie to be beside me in this scary strange place. I know he would give me better confident by licking my face kindly.

Part two
No noises approached to the icy place. Coldness snapped at my body immediately. I was somewhere cold and dark but there was still a scent of sweetness in the cold icy echoing room I lay in. I stared at my muddy tattered hands icy mud had been jammed into my nails my hair felt it was tangled in endless knots. I wondered why I was here. 

I look at the clear as stone wall around me. A hand mark made out of icy blood stained on the wall. I hinted the last time someone came here was about 50 years ago. Then I remembered. My grandma once told me when I was little that my grandpa had a huge imagination that you could hardly believe him. He had went to a world with the most sweetest things and sourest things in the world and thought it was wonderful. She said she hadn't believed him at the time, but one day the grandpa suddenly vanished. No one ever heard about him again.

Part three: 

The echoing sounds adding noise to the silent cave echoed. I stood up. The cave echoed ominously because it was such a big room. I was in a white and black leather blouse and I slowly walk along the cave, admiring every single little old and tattered detail I could find. I stared at my reflection in the clear wall like it was a reflectional mirror which had been sparkled clean every day. All I could see was a blur of my glossy black hair flowing past my shoulders.

Blurry shined icicles took over my eyes with sharp pointy crystallized sugar that hung down from the icy blue roof like bullets like it was the teeth of the shark and the opening of the cave was the large mouth.
Icy goosebumps crawled up my arms as I felt I was trapped into some kind of icy cold, sugary smelling, cave.
I was trying to make my way out of this cave.
Even the ground was made out of sugary cold ice.
It was like the small cave would never end, and would prevent me into getting out.

A hand mark made out of blood is stained on the wall. I estimated the last time someone came here was years ago. Then I remembered my grandma once told me when I was little my grandpa served in the war. He just turned 18 when the war started but sadly things don't always go the way you want it to be. He came back from the war safe and sound. He told me even if he died he will always be with me and I can visit him in his world. He died when I was very young. 

Part four:

I look ahead and soon realised I wasn't alone.
Long, stalky, black, furry footsteps brushed along the cold ice. He turned a corner of the room so I could see the tall black furry figure strutting continuously towards me. He prowled along icy cave staring at me with his narrowed purple eyes, glowing deeply in the dark gloom. He was glaring at me like I was something poisonous. He had long spiky stalked arms and legs that grew continuously long. I twisted my body getting ready to run. The cave slammed shut. It was somehow locking me into his body. Now I was surrounded.

Part five:

My eyes flutter open, a clear image took over my eyes. I smelt the sweet smell of nature drifted up my nose. That was all a dream I was safe. No black figures. No dark cold cave. 
Still no home. 
Still no one to comfort me. 
Now I had I new problem.
I was stuck in a land I had never seen, or been to before. 

Part six:

My eyes rivet down at my body. A small creamy silk lace dress with a velvet silk rose attached to a dark red ribbon, and a red bow tied at the back. On my feet are black, leather, shiny shoes which were polished nicely. My dress swirl and twirls in the wind without me having to touch anything. I would never usually have such a confined and beautiful dress like this, back at home. I ran my long bony fingers down my long black silky hair. no huge endless knots which I would usually have trouble dealing with. I waved it about it reflected in the sweet sunlight.

Part seven:

I figured I was probably lying down for ages, maybe even a whole year. I looked around the colourful glittering land yellow buttercup flowers steaming brightly in the hot rays of steaming sun burning my back. The smell of lollies swelled up my nose. I look around this sweet land the memory of my real life seemed to fade away like I was born in this magical land. I peer timidly around the big land. There were loads of things to be entertained by. A large pond made out of black currant, a giant flower beds different coloured varieties of lolly flowers steam in the hot rays of sunlight. There is a long flowing purple river probably made out of black currant juice. The rest of the field was covered in lush green dewy grass but one thing made my eyes widen. 

In the middle of the land, there was a big long stretched out chocolate flakey bridge loose scratchy flakey shattered bits blew off in the cool wind. I rush over to it wondering if it was stable enough. I step on the big bar of flakes scraping my feet. The big blocks of chocolate doesn't snap off or fall.
Big thick oozy, gooey syrup sticks the chocolate together. It still looks a big old and shackled. Frail bits of the chocolate flake blow off the bridge in the wind. I wondered how long it would last. I took a risk. I stepped onto the jumbled messed up flakey bridge.
The wind blows hard but nothing snaps. I hold onto the thick handle and gently rip off a piece of chocolate and pop it into my mouth. Immediately flavour bursts my mouth with the sweet rich tasteful, chocolate bobbing about in my mouth constantly. I strutted delightfully the rest of the way over the bridge the tattered chocolate scraping my toes on the in the greyness of the sky. I reached the end of the bridge.
Part eight:

I  slowly step into a dark shady forest, the huge splintery gums that towered over me like giant beanstalks, dominating against my small figure. I thought I had been here once it was like deja vu. My dress turned a dark color, like the colour of plums. The lush bright green branched out trees that leaned over the small wood covering me from the thick heavy rain which had just approached.

I had been here once except more candy creatures were there the last time I had entered this place. There were brown fluffy bunnies that pounced delightfully amongst two stumps of squashy liquorice trees, with a white round sprouty tail made out of thick scratchy candy floss. They had deep red eyes that glow in the dark shady gloom which made me shudder as they revealed the redness, before they turn around to nibble some grass. They hopped about in the shady forest past the gummy liquorice trees, gritting their teeth to show off their sharp white glossy teeth with big pointy ends shaped like sharpened daggers. 
They sprung straight past me but glared at me ominously with their deep narrow eyes. Their short fluffy brown fur brushes against the solid dirt. I try and look straight back at them as sternly as I can but it didn't seem to reflect on them. They seemed strong and fierce but didn't seem attack me. They prodded past me as if I was visible to them. Even though they seemed to be looking directly at me.

Part nine:

A thickened mouldy strong smell fled up my nose. It smelt like sticky, and squashy blackened liquorish. I realised it was the long stumpy trees made out of dark ropey endless liquorish, but not only that. There was a history behind it.

Before the war, The candy species planted ropey strips of the sticky liquorish hoping they would grow into big rare stumpy candy trees. And they did. They grew very long the huge round spiky stumps towering over one another, but every single candy species, disappeared. Every single one of them, even the rainbow candy ponies. The big rare candy shaded the forest with little berries growing from each branch. The berries are called the misery. The big stumps must have been made out of chocolate is well as they looked thick and rich, nothing like bark. The leaves looked like 
leaves but smelt of horrid green mint. 

I peer cold eyed around the forest once again. My instincts told me there were no cave here. No grandpa. But something else happened. A long black flash stalked around the dark gloomy forest leaving trails after small specks of its purple glowing dust after it had drifted into one silent spot to another. It zigzagged through the forest. You could only see a melting blur of its quick motioned body. 
"Who's there?' I ask worriedly. I stepped back hoping the whatever the flash was, it didn't notice my nervous glances looking all sharp eyed around the forest finding somewhere to run. A loud cracking noise came from under my foot. A twig made out of pretzels coated with thick oozy chocolate snapped in half under my polished black leather shoes.

Part ten:

I started to endlessly sprint past everything and didn't notice any speckled detail in the dark forest, not even the Icy cave. A dark icy cave the one like my awful dream. I was much in a rush, my black hair the color of the dark liquorice trees flapping in the cool wet rain even though it didn't flap as much because it was now, covered in big knots. But the enderman inside the cave noticed me his deep purple eyes stuck at me like glue but I was currently occupied trying to get away from the dark tall enderman. 

I got to the splintered bridge stepping right onto it not taking a care if it snapped anymore. A screeching noise started to groan as I was only half way down the long bridge. Flakes of chocolate ripped and fell from the bottom of the bridge and into the fast flowing red river made out of the black current juice. As the light shimmers across the river. 'It's just a really old and shattered bridge', I contradicted. The thick current starts flowing faster and faster until a whole bar of flaky chocolate teared and fell into the river taking me in with it.

Part eleven:

My crippled dress was no longer the pretty colour it used to be. It had stains of blues and bits of the flaky chocolate and now big blobs of chocolate had sunk into the teared messy leather. I gasp for air, but the blueberry Juice splashes and throbs in the air, choking me. I finally got control of my body but the river was throbbing me side to side. I came to the conclusion that I couldn't survive in this fast flowing river. The fast current flowed firmly and strong. I narrowly peer down the river, trying to find something to grab onto. I stare around the fast flowing river. But I still try. I was looking all sharp eyed for something to grab onto. A branch made out of salty pretzel was bobbing about in the water. This was my chance. 

My lips puckered as I had got a taste of sour currant juice thrashing about in the strong current. My arms were atomically waving about. Quickly I clutched onto the bumpy pretzel stick. This helped me stay up float. I try and and hook the pretzel stick onto something but it didn't work. A idea whizzed into my mind, I started to swim to the side and grabbed onto a bunch of the grass as I stabbed my stick into a soft vanilla sponge cake. My body rolls onto the crumbly cake as it sinks into it like a huge bed. Crashes onto the cake as I lay there as the cake covers me. Drops of current juice drips down from my long straggly hair. I didn't mind. I was too exhausted to care. I gave a slight beam of gratitude that I survived.

Part twelve:

Something cold hit my face, it melted down to the ground. I licked it, it was sweet but not too sweet, it had a slight taste of vanilla, just enough vanilla to make your taste buds dance. A whole lot of light snow flakes drifting down slowly from the calm air. I twirled around in the magical whiteness with my tongue sticking out. Coldness covers me, leaving shivery goosebumps crawl over me. 

A cottage stood on a hill, the walls are made in shortbread cookies and the roof is made out of Apple toffee. I gave a slight beam. My mouth dribbles with plain saliva as my eyes set in the apple toffee. I scurried and skipped delightfully up the hill. 

I fled into the cute cottage, the smell of hot cookies on a hot plate with steam rising up from the hot doe. I slowly climb up the chocolate stairs smothered with hard-rock icing. When I retrieve to the top of the stairs it led to a little bedroom. I slowly twist the slippery peppermint  handle and open the door. A small cozy bedroom with a small window but big enough to see my whole land. I felt like I was the Queen of this quiet peaceful land. I couldn't see the black enderman, or the brown furry red glowing eyes rabbits either. An idea slowly flowed into my head.
 "Sweet garden"I mutter."this is my imaginary world', I mutter to myself. And slowly drift off to sleep, flopping myself down on a big gummy marshmallow sinking into the deep flabby sponge my hand was automaticity searching for my teddy bear. I soon find myself clutching onto the scratchy, bumpy leathered arm dangling from the gummy bed. I sink into the marsh mallow and drift off to sleep.

Part thirteen:

I wake up in a room. My very own plane bedroom. I was hugging my scratchy buttercup leather teddy as he was in my land when I last fell asleep. When I was very little I decided to call him Jumble because his leather was scratchy dirty and old. Jumble had a small black stitched nose, and sharp narrow eyes it was a bit faded because it has been around for generations it had a set of patched up arms and legs which probably had to be sewn back on thousands of times by mum as I had played with it roughly and with love at the same time when I was small. The scratchy legs were dangling down from its creamy pink oval tummy. I clutch it tightly. I look down. My silk creamy dress was no longer there. Just my plain white leather pajamas. I run my bony fingers across my black hair. It felt average.

I stare around my pink walls decorated with pony stickers stuck down with sqaishey blue tack neatly to the walls of my pink room. There were White fluffy ponies with black sharp eyes peering ahead of them as they Trot into the distant with their creamy wings that reminded me if my delightful dress I had worn before. They had their normal golden sparkling horns perched upon their white, or black furry heads, pretending to gallop across the pink wall. 

Part fourteen:

Everything was where it should be. My pink toy boxes, drawers, bed, wardrobe, pink doll's house, desk where I do my homework, everything. I sit up and pull over my floro pink curtains. I stare narrowly out the window. It was pitch black showing a gloomy image of the clogged musky street I live on with cars scattered in front of the houses in a straight line nothing to exciting. Nothing like my imaginary land where I feel free. I gave a great sigh of annoyance. I wanted to stay in my land for ever and ever. This land didn't feel at all like I was having fun. I perked up my ears. No sound. I contradicted everyone's in bed.

I stare at the the clock on the pink smooth wall sitting up on my bed as it suddenly chimed 12:00. Just at that sudden moment, there was a loud thumping coming from downstairs the volume got even louder. Until I felt they'd reached the top. The brown shiny wooden floorboards of my bedroom creaked loudly.  
My pink door suddenly screeched open. Little creaking noises traveled through my bedroom. Something alive was in this bedroom that wasn't me. Something flashed beneath my eyes. I could hear a silent breathing that wasn't mine, then it suddenly stopped. I shiver as I crawled over to the side of my bed. 

My dog Alfie leaped up onto me taking his heavy weight on my skimpy body standing on me with his long bony legs. I went crashing backwards onto my bed his slobbery nose pressing against my face covered in slime. 
"Alfie"I growled." You scared me!" Alfie gave me a big sorry lick right on my cheek. I snuggle as his warmth wraps around me. I wished I took Alfie with me. I'll try to next time I go. I will never forget this sweet land. I shall remain queen Violet of sweet garden when I return. 


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