Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Fear is a nightmare for a ten year old, especially for me.
Goose bumps show up on my arms as a cold wind comes by. Soraya slowly makes her way to the end of the diving board, showing no signs of fear. Calmly she position herself and yells out "Are you watching Mana!?"
"Ya" I answer back. She glances back at me making sure I was. She starts hopping up and down rocking the board. Soraya curls up into a ball in mid air and "SLASH" she lands in the water.

I put my first foot on the board and then the second. My eye scan every inch of the diving board, to the very tip of the board. My legs tremble as I start walking slowly to the end. I was shivering everywhere, I could hardly walk. The board feels like sandpaper it rubs against my feet.

My eyes flick to the side, the lifeguard was fiddling with his yellow and red jacket. He was looking down at his shoes, concerns and fears have now taken over me. My eyes are glued to the rocking water.  Soraya shivers in the background, trying to make me confident enough to jump. "You can do it Mana! It doesn't hurt, it's only water," "only if you land in a bad position" she says under her breath.
My ears prick up by the sound "bad position." This didn't help at all! I tried rocking the board up and down but that was no use my legs were paralysed. 

"You all right?" The lifeguard asked. My toes clench onto the board, the fear of someone pushing me off scared me.
"Are you trying to do a flip?" I glare at him and nod. "Do you know how to flip." My eyes still on the water concentrating. 
"Jump a little and look down at the water and try look up before you will gradually be looking forward." By the way he said it, it sounded like it was easy. My toes loosen so I can do little jumps to get myself prepared for the flip.
"You can do it Mana!" I let go of the board hovering through the air, I rush through all the things that the lifeguard has said. I go through the steps carefully but fast. I glance down at the water and to the sky. The sky was dark but little bits light peeked through. It was dark under my eyelids, I was still in the air probably near the water. My toe skim the very top of the water lightly. My eyes flash open and "SPLASH"

I paddle myself up to get air, guiding myself to the ladder. Soraya in the background screaming." YOU DID IT MANA" 
"YAY!"  The lifeguard wasn't sure to stop her or not. When I get out of the water, Soraya greets me with a BIG smile. That day even if I was freezing I had a warm glow inside of me.

We were learning to connect the emotion to our writing by using our bright sparks book. We all used the emotions of fear, scared and nervous and wrote it in the present tense. 
I think I improved with connecting with the emotion and showing it. I went well by using the simple question and turning it into a complex sentence. I learnt that using some dialogue can explain the emotion. For an example "My eye scan every inch of the diving board"
Overall I think I did well with connecting with emotion. My next step is to read it through to see if it makes sense and to make sure I don't use the same bright sparks words a twice.

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