Monday, 19 September 2016

Fear not

This year (2016)my speech was on fears and how we have to overcome them even if things looks tough.
We were learning how to make our speeches high standard, by using different language features like vivid verbs, precise nouns, metaphors, repetition and other language features. We were also learning to connect to our audience.
While we writing our speeches we keep in mind to use those features in our speech.
I think I did well since I used most of these features for example I used the power of 3 that is instead of saying 2 example you will say 3 example.
I think my speech was organised well, it flowed nicely between my important ideas. My ideas connected to my point of view.
At first I wasn't confident of presentation my speech, but my friends gave me tips of how to deliver my speech well. I got a lot more confidently when I practiced it over and over again.

Please click here to listen to my speech or read it down below.

What is your fear? Maybe it's the dark when you're curled up in your bed, as the darkness wears a quite sound. Or perhaps it’s heights tiptoeing across the wood bridge as you hear the strong current of the river under you. Or even bugs that crawl around the bushes waiting to jump right at you.
I have a question to ask you. How do you overcome a fear?

Imagine that your in your togs with hot red cheeks and puffy purple lips with a puff of a steamy breath.
“Watch this!” You hear your friend's last words before she plummets off the diving board, turning in mid air. She cuts through the water down to the bottom. Down, down, down. She disappears. Then eventually emerges, with a grin on her face. It’s your go now. 1,2,3 you hop up onto the board. 4,5,6 careful steps down to the edge. 7,8,9 looking down at the in the pool. Take one big breath. Your friend is screaming in the background saying.”You can do it.” You feel a wave of courage come to you. Leaping into the sky as you stumble to the pool. You did it. You can conquer your fear when others support you. The person that was doing the flip was me and my friend Soraya who encouraged me on.

Now imagine you’re in your cold bed that engulfs you in your sheets. The room is a never ending darkness with a deafening silence.
Patter patter patter. Too soft for a human. Too soft for something dropping. Just right for a living creature. Your blood drains cold, as your heart pounds harder and harder. You peak other the covers not moving a muscle. Two bloodshot eyes glare at you in the darkness. A little ball of  fur lays asleep. A kitten. In these situations we could think to yourself that nothing bad was going to happen. Think logically what the true thing is going to be.

We can all do something to overcome a fear. A fear can be a big mountain that we have to get over, even if things looks daunting ahead of us. Instead of taking advantage of your fear it will take advantage of you. But if you didn't have that fear you wouldn't have the proud  feeling when you overcome it, you wouldn't have felt great, you would have just done it.
Sometimes fears help us learn and grow, we just have to overcome them. Remember to always think logically each time and don't over think it and have friends to support you.And if your friends have  fear, support them no matter what and don't give up.

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  1. Wow Mana that was a amazing speech you did such a good job on discribing everything. I love the sentence, you hear your friends last words before she plummets off the diving board. Because you didn't just use a word like jumped off the diving bored. It gave me a great image in my head great job!