Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hide and seek

Hide and seek

Quick steps around the house
both Soraya and Izzi were gone.
Where should I hide?
Nine.. eight..
Her voice started to fade into a whisper.
My legs automatically moved showing no patience.

A warm wind blows in my face, the dark, grey carpet surrounds me.
The warmth of the heater travels around the lounge.
I crouch down next to the sofa,
making sure none can see me.

The light shines into my face,
eyeing every slight movement I do.
Someone's coming.

Tiptoe down the hallway
try not to get heard,
that someone, is the seeker.

Stay silent. Don't move. Or be found.
They stay at the door not even making a noise.
Waiting for you to peek out.
They disappear to find the others.

Loud, bold footsteps
echo down the hallway
not like the other foot step.

The urge to peek up tortures me.
I can’t help myself.
My head pokes up
at the end of the couch.
Phew, it was Maddy's dad.

Suddenly laughter is throughout the house.
All I can hear is giggles.
It spreads throughout the house
spreading joy and happiness.

My body is stiff, wanting to stretch.
But don't move.
Stay where you are.

Here she is again.
Her beady eyes scan the room.
Two people behind her,
Soraya and Izzi
have been found.
“She must be in here,
she can't be in any other room.”
Feet scuffle around the room.
“Mana I found you!”

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